02 July 2010

Gustavus Portion - Review (Discontinued). 2 July 2010

NOTE  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Gustavus is a snus that I've enjoyed for quite some time now, it's one you don't think of often and it doesn't seem to get talked about much, but it's worth a try because it's a really great snus.

Unfortunately, after PACT Act went into effect, you can no longer get it in the US.  BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL stopped carrying it years ago, but you can still pick it up at Northerner.com.

Upon opening the can, a bouquet of aromas jump out to greet you. You can smell citrus, pepper, sweet floral notes; all these aromas come together in the most beautiful way. It's a very unique aroma. Gustavus is an original portion, but isn't overflowing with moisture.  The portion is moist, comfortable, but doesn't have a massive amount of drip or moisture to it, which makes it okay in my book. The taste is very complex, but all ties together with such beautiful simplicity that it makes you wonder (if you're trying it for the first time) where this snus has been all your life. A sweet taste of citrus greets you up front, and as you have the portion in your lip it starts to mingle with a pleasant floral taste - much like the rose oil you would find in Skruf snus. There is a very mild pepper taste in the background and, as with most Swedish snus, a salt flavor too - but only as an afterthought, it doesn't have a dominating flavor like in other snuses. I would compare this to Skruf, but the citrus is a much different flavor - it's a sweeter citrus, which makes this completely different in my mind to Skruf, even with the rose/floral aroma/taste mixed in. Gustavus is in a league of it's own.

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