29 June 2010

FDA/PACT: The Aftermath, UPS, and Banned States. 29 Jun 2010.

As the dust is starting to settle around PACT/FDA, we can start to see a lot of the effects of these ridiculous new laws, the FDA's Tobacco Control, and the PACT Act/Law. It seems as though everyone is in line or almost in line, so we now have a better idea of what's going on and what we can expect. First, the brands we can get in the US. Gellivare, V2, Swedish Match, Gotlandssnus, Gajane/GN Tobacco, Oomph/TillCe (Northerner, only). Not sure if Skruf is on the bandwagon or not and they've been out of reach, but as of right now the brands listed are the brands that we know for sure will be compliant with the FDA's Tobacco Control Act. Despite the scare we had earlier about Gajane not being in line with FDA, it turns out they are good to go, so all you Oden's fans will be able to get your Kanel after all.

Second, the bigger snus webstores are now PACT compliant. BuySnus.com has all products listed, but certain ones say "Not for sale to US", so you know what you can and can't buy. Northerner has split things up on their website, you can select US Warehouse or SE Warehouse and see what products are available to you. The Northerner folks have all the info in a page on their website about PACT and how they are complying with it. BuySnus has a little article about it, but it's not as in depth as the Northerner one. That being said, we can now kinda see how things are going to pan out in the post-PACT/FDA world. I got my last shipment of Gustavus a few days ago, and now it's sad to see it say "Not for sale to the US". It's the only original portion "traditional flavor" snus I like. So that's a bummer, I'm glad I stocked up.

This one caught me off guard, but earlier today new info came to light about some states BANNING smokeless tobacco being shipped into their states. This is completely seperate from PACT/FDA, this is a state thing. These states are Iowa, South Dakota, and Massachusetts. Not sure if these states are going to change this, but for now if you're in these states I hope you stocked up, or you have a store that carries SwM products/General snus locally, or you're going to have to pull some strings or do a lot of traveling to get your snus. To be honest, this one pissed me off more than anything. I wonder how much money the cigarette companies padded the pockets of the politicians in these states with? They really want to ensure the nicotine addicted, and those who want to quit smoking but just can't do it by traditional means, would have no way to quit smoking and would stay hooked on their products? I find this to be completely ridiculous and it shows you that politicians and those put in power to watch out for our best interests truly only have their own personal gain in mind.

I sent some snus to a friend yesterday, and shipped it via UPS. I was curious to see how all this would work out in the post-PACT/FDA world. I went to my local UPS store and was informed that (at least in Arkansas/locally), franchised UPS stores wouldn't ship tobacco, and I would have to go the main UPS place/Hub. The guy also was kinda clueless about PACT, as was his franchise owner - neither of them had any idea what I was talking about. So I continued on my adventure to the main UPS office/Hub, and as I was shipping out my package there had a conversation with the people who worked in that particular office, and not a single person there had heard of PACT either! I found it to be really interesting that no one within UPS (at least here locally) had any idea about this law.


  1. As a snuser from Iowa, I am startled to find out I can no longer have snus delivered straight to my door. But I'm not seeing any news of an actual ban. Where did you gather this info?

  2. Now if only there were a store in Iowa City that sold snus. As it stands now, I'll have to drive to Des Moines to buy, and believe me, I will do it, cursing the state government the whole way. All this law will serve to do is become a huge headache.