04 May 2010

V2, Customer Service, and Phantom Blue. 4 May 2010.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home last night after a long day at work to see a white package in the mail. I always love snus deliveries, so I ran inside and opened this one up with the quickness, and to my surprise, some Phantom Blue (White Portion) had arrived. Some of those (myself included) who are V2 fans and enjoy Phantom Blue (White Portion) noticed some size issues in the last batch and sent email to V2 about this. I was very excited to see V2 continue in their proud tradition of customer service and fix this issue. Mark Vogel from V2 kept me updated every step of the way as they were creating a new batch and improving on these issues, and as soon as the new batch was completed I had some arrive on my doorstep a few days later, and it's great. If you can see from the picture, these portions are packed full and there are no issues on the former thinner size of some of the Phantom Blue (White Portion). Great to see V2 listens to customers and responded positively by fixing this issue. Thumbs up, Vogel Bros!

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