13 May 2010

New V2 Products coming soon! 13 May 2010

Confirmed from the V2 Facebook page here, there are a few new V2 products coming in 2010! First, SnusX is releasing a los snus with no flavor for making your own snus, much like the popular SnusX portions they released recently. Also, Thunder Berry will be making an appearance in mini form as Thunder Berry Mini. Last, but not least, a new Offroad Long Cut series is coming soon with 3 different flavors "in limited numbers". This may be much like the upcoming Thunder Test Series. So some new products on the horizon to look forward to!

UPDATE: If you were wondering about the flavors of the Offroad Long Cut that is coming soon, they're going to be Apple, Orange, and a Berry mix flavor that is slightly different than the current Thunder Berry Blend. Looking forward to it!

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  1. A sweet development would be if V2 offered bulk versions of its products in a fashion similar to snuff makers.