16 April 2010

Taking a trip across the pond. 16 May 2010.

Snubie.com is going on the road and taking a trip across the pond to Sweden! Over the past year since starting Chad's Snus Reviews & Information and Snubie.com, I've been writing about snus, reviewing snus, and offering my opinion and input into the world of snus, and the only thing that ever worked to help me quit smoking. This trip is going to take it to the next level! It will be a great privilege to see all the things I've heard about for so long - how snus is made, processed, flavored, everything! I couldn't be more excited about this. I'll be joined by two friends - Tim ("Snusify") from Snusify.com and Dr. Snus himself from Dr. Snus.com.

What else could I be so excited about? Well, if you can tell by the picture, snus isn't just limited to specialty tobacco stores like it is here in the US & A. I will be able to buy snus anywhere, including vending machines! Something America should take note of! And of course - to all the readers here and at Snubie.com, if you aren't Following me on Twitter, please check out @chadizzy1 on Twitter and I will be tweeting back pics and updates, and also receiving your questions there that you would like to have answered, or anything you've been curious about from the land of Sweden! As always, if you're avoiding the social network phase, feel free to shoot emails over to me and I'll get those too. I look forward to learning more and taking Snubie.com on the road and across the pond to Sweden!

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