SnusX Hour 31: Mellowing. 4 Mar 2010 (Discontinued).

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

31 hours into the 72 hour flavoring period for my 4 batches of make your own snus, thanks to V2's SnusX! I opened each can and stirred them around to make sure everything was even and distributed and found that the portions have all the moisture soaked in evenly, and were quite moist and smelled very fresh. The moisture content so far seems alot like the new Offroad portions, moist but not dripping like Thunder Frosted seemed to be for a while. The flavor concentrate smells quite strong at first, but now 31 hours in, the aromas have started to tone down quite a bit. They are now more mellow and balanced, and coming together quite well. The Coffee Vanilla batch is starting to smell really pleasant, a little bit more natural than the Offroad Coffee Vanilla (I'll have to send it to a friend of mine who is the Coffee/Vanilla expert and get his input on it.), the Vanilla Cola smells AMAZING. I still believe this will be my favorite of this batch. The Coffee batch smells really good, like a rich roast. Last, in what I thought was originally going to be the worst, is actually starting to mellow quite a bit and smell very good. The Whiskey batch has toned down to a more mellow smelling Whiskey aroma. My experience with V2 and alcohol flavoring (*cough*OFFROADMOONSHINE*cough) hasn't been good, but this smells like something I could enjoy. After stirring everything and putting the lids back on I put the cans back into the fridge and began their last stretch of the 72 hour journey to homemade snus. Everything is smelling very promising, and I'm looking forward to see what the end result is!