18 March 2010

New Olde Viking Product: Ginger/Lime. 18 March 2010.

From the Gajane/GN Tobacco house that brought us recently the Olde Viking Spearmint snus comes The Return of the Ugly Hockey Puck Can 2.0 with another one from GN Tobacco, Olde Viking Ginger Lime. GN Tobacco, if you're reading this, please hurry up and get rid of these cans. I know you inherited quite a few when you bought the factory, but try and get rid of them with the quickness. They're not very attractive. But, I do find this flavor to be appealing. Granted, this will more than likely (I haven't received confirmation yet) be a fermented product, which is unlike the traditional Swedish standard of pasteurized snus, so I can't vouch for it's safety in relation to health, all I can say is that the flavor intrigues me.

As many of you know from my previous article about the release of Catch Collection//Rhubarb, the next releases in Swedish Match's campaign will be Catch Collection//Glow (Lime/Fl├Ąder) also described as "elder lime" and Catch Collection//Ease (Ginger/Orange). So it's interesting to see a snus that is going to combine Ginger and Lime, I'm quite curious to see what the taste of this one is going to be like. You can order this now at BuySnus.com. I'll be posting a review as soon as I get to try it out. Here's to hoping it's better than Olde Viking's previous offering!

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  1. This stuff is awful people! For the love of god do not try it! It is an instant sickly feeling.