31 March 2010

60 Minutes, meet snus. Snus, meet 60 Minutes. 31 March 2010.

UPDATE: 60 Minutes has confirmed it is airing Sunday night. Catch the preview here. // Alright everyone, make sure you're home Sunday April 4th at 6:00 PM CST/7:00 PM EST, or you have the Tivo-Machine cranked up, because 60 Minutes is going to be doing a story about smokeless tobacco products in the US. It has not been officially confirmed or finalized yet, but if the story will make it to air on Sunday they will have it on their website with a teaser tommorow (1 April 2010) to announce it. This story will focus mostly on the new Camel products - Orbs, Strips, and Snus. Swedish Snus may be a part of the show, and I'm not sure how much they will speak about it in the show, but I'm hoping it has a significant part in this broadcast. Sources say they were in Sweden for part of the research into this story - and I'm not sure who they spoke with or met there, so it will be interesting to see what they have to say about Swedish Snus. I'm hoping they do have some good things to say about REAL snus. So guys, skip "America's Funniest Home Videos", and the other 'exciting' programs on Sunday night and tune in to 60 Minutes on CBS.


  1. Chad there is no way that 60 minutes will not do a hatchet job on smokeless tobacco in general and I doubt seriously that snus will be acclaimed in any way but negatively. I might be wrong but I doubt it. It would be entirely out of character for them to say anything positive about any tobacco product.

  2. It actually came out to be much more positive than I originally hoped. Granted, the "dual user" (which is rare) was a bad example of the snuser population, and the psycho anti-tobacco zealot lady ranting and raving, I like to think in the end the facts presented themselves quite well through expert testimony, and I think it reflected well upon the snus community. It answered alot of questions for those who wanted a public forum for this, and I believe it enlightened some of the people who were not just going to believe what they read online. I think it did well, and presented information as accurate as possible. Granted, it wasn't a pro-snus piece, but I honestly don't consider it to be an anti-snus piece either.

  3. Well under the heading of "there is no such thing as bad publicity" the piece has supposedly generated increased traffic at vendors and forums. In that way it has to be considered a success from our point of view. The raving zealot and the nutty dual user were such extreme examples that few would be likely to realistically view either as anything resembling normal. That may have been planned or merely an accident but those examples largely cancelled each other out.