08 February 2010

Triumph Snus is no more. 8 February 2010.

Usually, I wouldn't complain about an American snus going away. If Camel was taken off the market today, you wouldn't see any tears from me. But, after reading this article, posted at wsj.com (home of the Wall Street Journal), I'll have to admit, I was bummed. Triumph snus was one of my favorite mint snuses, easily in the top 2. It was the most mellow, smooth tasting mint snus around. Granted, hard to find, and I have to pull favors from friends in other states to get it, but it was well worth it. I honestly wish this could have stayed around, because it is a far superior product to Camel "SNUS", and of course - my own selfish reasons - I like it!

"NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Newport cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. (LO) announced Monday that it will soon enter the market for moist smokeless tobacco products, but said that an earlier joint venture with Swedish Match AB (SWMA.SK) to develop a new product in the U.S. had been terminated." -Wall Street Journal/wsj.com

Goodbye, Triumph. You will be missed.

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