25 February 2010

Thunder Frosted Long+ Preview. 25 February 2010.

I figured this day would come, and I'm glad it did. Other snus companies are embracing the "longer, thinner" snus format brought around by the Swedish Match 0102 "Lab Series". I heard about it this morning from Larry over at SnusCENTRAL, then saw one of the Vogel guys post about it on Facebook, then saw Northerner.com has it available for preorder now at their website, so for those of you (like me) who loved the fit of the Lab Series, this may be something you want to look into! It's listed as 12mg of nicotine per portion, so somewhere between the 8mg of nic in Offroad Frosted and the 16mg of Thunder Frosted. So, snus lovers, keep an eye on this one. And here's to hoping more companies embrace this shape of snus, because it truly is the most comfortable way to enjoy snus!

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