23 February 2010

Skruf Xtra Stark Los (Discontinued) Review. 23 Feb 2010.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

When it comes to los, I don't use many strong snuses, other than the occasional General ES, and sometimes an Oden's to start the day off, depending on my particular snus mood for the day. When I opened the can I was greeted by a very dark, rich, moist snus radiating with the a pure, but sweet, tobacco aroma. The obvious presence of rose oil was mingling quite well with the rich tobacco aroma that I noticed with the can of portions.

Armed with my trust gold 0.5 Icetool (I had to go all out, a heavy hitting snus deserves the heavy artillery!), I went in. A well formed pris of Skruf Xtra Stark Los went into my lip, and the flavor came on almost immediately. The very rich (I'll be using this word alot, it's one I don't use for many snuses, but this one is well deserving) tobacco flavor, a mild citrus flavor mixed in, the subtle hint of rose oil marrying the citrus and tobacco with it's sweet flavor, and a mellow salt balance (a little saltier than the portions) bringing out the finer elements of this snus and mixing in with the other flavors to provide the great mixture that I had enjoyed with the portions. After moving the pris around a little bit with my tongue I was able to taste a little more of these flavors, and wow, they are good. This tightly packed pris, and all those after it in my extensive tests, held together quite well with minimal mudslide. The nicotine hit wasn't as immediate as with the portions, but it did come on within the first 15-30 minutes with each pris of Skruf Xtra Stark Los. The flavor stayed strong until the very end, and though parting is sweet sorrow, I went on about my day at turbo speed. This truly is a strong snus.

All in all, a great snus with a very rich flavor and a strong nicotine hit. Both portion and los deliver a great flavor and a helluva kick! A strong (and I mean it in all senses of the word) addition to the Skruf family.

NOTE: This product is one that is currently not available from Northerner.com. If you'd like to enjoy this snus, we suggest buying it from our friends at BuySnus.com.

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  1. Nice review! I've got about 5 cans coming my way with my Nick and Johnny roll :D I'm looking forward to trying it out.