Lucky Strong Strong (Loose) Review. (Discontinued) 26 Feb 2010.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Add this to the list of awesome snuses that we can't get in the US. Lucky Strong Strong Loose. Due to the kindness of a friend overseas, I was able to get my hands on some, and I'm just a little bummed after trying it that I can't get it, because it's that good. How good? Well, read on, snusers, and I'll tell you. I haven't done a review of Lucky Strike snus yet, (it's on the list, promise!), but to give it a little run down, it's a great snus, it comes in a really cool tin, and has full portions with a great and very unique flavor. I'm proud to say all the things I like about Lucky Strike (White Portion, of course) carry over to Lucky Strong Strong Loose. For those familiar with the Lucky Strike snus brand from F&L, this can is red on black, which is similiar to Lucky Strike Bold (the strong portion of Lucky Strike), which also comes in a red on black can. The Lucky Strike can is much like the original Phillip Morris 1847 can - it's one of two of the coolest snus cans on the market.

Now, a little about this snus. Lucky Strike Strong Loose has an excellent grind, it's very easy to handbake. I'm an Icetool guy, though, so I after a few handbaked pris, I went right into using the 'tool. The aroma of LS Los is much similar to the others in the Lucky Strike family. A very rich, smokey tobacco aroma. Lucky Strike snus is allegedly toasted, and supposedly sticks close to the original tobacco recipe. When I was a smoker, I occasionally would pick up a pack of Luckies because of that unique flavor. Some of you may remember the old motto, "It's toasted!". This being a strong portion, the nic kick is almost immediate, and lasts the entire duration of usage. I've kept a pris of this in on average 1 to 1.5 hours. Seeing as how I don't do many sterks, maybe it's just my tolerance - I imagine others would keep it in longer. The flavor is a very deep, rich tobacco flavor enhanced by a great salt balance. The tobacco tastes smokey, which blends very well with the superior rich tobacco flavor. Lucky Strike is rather simple, it doesn't have other flavors that are stronger than others, the flavors in this are perfectly balanced and blend to provide an excellent flavor of rich, bold, smokey tobacco flavor.

Lucky Strike is a great snus, but due to copyright restrictions - it can't be sold to the US. It's a bummer, because the flavor of this one is very different from any other snus you can buy. Most Swedish Snus is of the bergamot flavor, so I always enjoyed this one as an alternative when I wanted something different. The White Portion is great, one of my favorites, and this new addition - Lucky Strike Strong Loose is a great addition to the already superior Lucky Strike family. Hopefully at some point in time these copyright restrictions will be loosened, or they'll change the name to be able to sell it to the US. Granted, the name does make the snus, I'd still buy it if it was called "Lucky Snus" or something similar, because at the end of the day, the one thing remains constant in Lucky Strike snus. A flavor that isn't like any other snus on the market.