14 January 2010

Onico+ Review (Discontinued). 14 Jan 09.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

To be honest, I've never had Onico before. This was my first test run with a nicotine and tobacco free snus. Onico is made from vegetable fibers, and is flavored with aromas that are supposed to "imitate" traditional tobacco aromas. And the name? Well, Onico is listed as standing for "Zero Nicotine". Onico+ is kinda like a tobacco/nicotine free energy snus.

Energy snus? Wait...like Elixyr Power Energy? Well, kinda. Elixyr Power Energy contains caffeine and taurine. Onico+'s main ingredients (aside from the plant fibers) are ginseng and guarana. In any energy drink, usually 1 or both of these are advertised as the key ingredients. So yeah, this one packs a kick.

Upon opening the can, a very nice fruity smell bursts from the can. Not like Thunder Berry, or Goteborg's Rape in the sense of "fruit/flavored". This is a really unique, sweet smell. The flavor is slightly sweet, very tropical, with hints of citrus throughout. I must say, if these flavors were mixed into a regular snus - I'd be a happy camper. And it has a neat little tingle to it. So, as a nicotine free snus, how does it rate? Well, it provides a great kick. My morning routine usually begins with an Elixyr Power Energy portion to give me that extra kick, but I've found this one packs an equal or slightly stronger kick than Elixyr. Will I switch? Well, probably not. Because I like the caffeine/nicotine combination in the morning. But, I can see myself using this as an early morning snus, or on a day that seems to be dragging by with no end in sight.

For my first nicotine/tobacco free snus, I found Onico to be very interesting, a very unique product. It has a great aroma, a pleasant flavor, and provides a nice energy boost.

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