28 January 2010

New Website - SnusAuction. 28 Jan 2010.

BuySnus.com has launched a cool new website, SnusAuction.com! It's very interesting, it's set up like a traditional auction website - has a countdown on all items with bids starting at only $1.00. There are also alot of really cool items to start - a General Beanie (which I get alot of emails about - now you can get your own!), a snus-tray, a General Golf Bag, Goteborg's Rape items, and much, much more!

You can also list and sell your own items, I'm not sure how the moderation works on this, but I'd assume a general code of conduct that only snus related items will be listed and sold. If you check their Upcoming Auctions link, you can see all the cool new stuff coming out for sale soon!

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