12 January 2010

A new mint snus with a cool name... 12 Jan 09.

Although rumors persist strongly for a new General Mint (Regular Portion...or White Portion, no one has confirmed yet), the second new mint snus of 2010 has just hit the Northerner store this morning, following in the footsteps of Offroad Frosted a mere several days ago. Olde Viking (Spearmint) Portion Snus is now being listed at Northerner.com. I'm not familiar with this brand, however it is being listed as a Gajane product (the company who product the glorious Oden's snus), so it may have potential. Although, the cans looking like the craptastic Tourney/Grand Prix snus are turning me off of trying this, I'm going to bite the bullet and give it a go anyway.

Apparently Gajane bought the old bankrupt SnusAB factory and is producing these cans, which would explain why they are strikingly similar to other cans from SnusAB. For more information, Larry Waters wrote a full article about it. You can read that here.

18 Jan 2010. UPDATE!

A little more information is coming to light about GN Tobacco/Gajane/Olde Viking Snus, so here's some info for those that have been asking questions. Each portion has around 9mg of Nicotine. The process that goes into making Olde Viking is fermentation, rather than pasteurization, and the portions have about 50% moisture content. Despite the fact that the cans are the same as the old Grand Prix and Tourney cans, these products are not manufactured in the same manor as the old SnusAB products, so no worries there.

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