17 December 2009

Thunder ES Limited, Bye Bye General Maxi, Return of Offroad Coffee Vanilla! 17 Dec 09.

Two new Thunder ES Portion Snuses are coming, supposedly high quality. Larry over at SnusCENTRAL did a write up on it today, check it out at SnusCENTRAL. Apparently the code names are Thunder Black and Thunder Silver. Looking forward to more information and trying these out. I'll post updates as I get them!

UPDATE: *sigh*. Thunder ES Limited? Well, it's not a real product, I'm a little bummed, but Larry did an amusing article I thought I'd share.

In a sad email from Swedish Match this morning, it was confirmed that General Maxi is to be discontinued in February of next year. I'm kinda bummed, I rather liked it. If you haven't tried it, check out my review of it here. But I suppose with all the products in the General line-up, ES was getting more love than General Maxi.

Offroad Coffee Vanilla has returned! When I saw a thread at SnusOn asking the V2 guys to bring it back to the market, I didn't see this happening, but V2 has decided to bring it back to the market for those who liked it, so it's coming soon! Northerner has it for preorder right now, listed as going on sale December 18th. There is a very limited supply of this (but if sales go well I'm sure we will see more of it.) So check it out while you can. Who knows, maybe they updated the recipe to make it better. I didn't care much for the last batch, myself, but I'll give this re-release a go. Also, I believe it's a Northerner exclusive, so you'll have to pick it up at Northerner.com.

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