21 December 2009

Can it stop a bullet? Yes, it can. New bullet-proof snus can from Swedish Match! 21 Dec 09.

Can it stop a bullet? Yes, it can.

The Swedish K, a submachine gun used by Navy SEALS in the 1960's was the inspiration for this slick new snus can by Swedish Match. How kickass was this gun? Ten 9mm bullets per second fired at 420 m/s. Why am I telling you this? Because Swedish Match made a snus can out of this aluminum alloy, featuring a 2mm thick bottom. 600 of these cans were made and will soon be available for sale.

The new can is capable of 9x19/39B ammo - bulletproof. MP5 machine guns, used by the Swedish Police use this particular ammunition, and in the US, these bullets are known as "Cop-Killers" and can go through Kevlar and steel plates. These particular bullets have a cloak of steel and are much faster than traditional 9mm ammo. It can go through 50 layers of kevlar, 20cm of wood, or 7 cm of brick. These bullets have 25% higher wear on the barrel of a gun compared to regular 9x19 ammo.

Looking at my Carbon Edition General Onyx can, I realize that this one is much cooler. Not only did snus save my life by helping me quit smoking, now it can save me if I'm ever shot at....wherever my snus can may be. That may be a 1 in 1,581,591,481 chance that that would actually happen, but I like those odds. A cool new snus can in a sleek black color with the General logo on it. I like it.

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