04 November 2009

Roda Lacket Redesign is here! 4 Nov 09.

The new design for Roda Lacket is in stores now! Of course, the old one will be phased out, but as this happens, I wanted to take a moment to compare the two and offer my take on the subject. Why the change, is it really that big of a deal? Well, I spent some time thinking about it, and now I welcome the new can with open arms. The new can is alot simpler than the old one. If you look at the former RL can below, on the left, there's alot of lines, colors, and alot going on. The one below on the right (the new design) is more simple, more sleek, more sexy. As with the GR can redesign, this one follows in similar foot steps, keeping a simple color, a name, and not much else. The old one was like a canvas, and was extremely busy. Much too busy for a snus can.

So in conclusion, I embrace you, new Roda Lacket can. I welcome you to the family of snus. You may not be as artistic as the old Roda Lacket can, but your beauty is in your simplicity. As with GoteRape before you, you have gained a new look, but a simple and elegant one.

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