Catch Collection//Cozy - Cardamom Cinnamon (Limited Edition) Review! 4 Nov 09.

Catch Collection//Cozy - Cardamom Cinnamon

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

I don't even need to start writing yet - because I know you're already asking what cardamom is. It's okay, I did the same too when I heard Catch Collection//Cozy would be the last release this year...the flavor profile? Cardamom Cinnamon. Cardamom is a member of the ginger family, and has a strong taste and aroma. There are certain cardamom(s?), which have a profile similar to mint. The flavors in this pair excellently, but I'd have to say the flavor of cardamom takes the cake.

Swedish Match has released 4 great products this year, starting with Catch Collection Mint Vanilla, Peppermint, Violet Licorice, and now the last of the line for the 2009 set, Cardamom Cinnamon. Don't fret, snuslovers! This isn't the end. Rumor has it that SM will be continuing the line in 2010. Maybe will finally see Isle Coconut become a reality! So, on to Catch Cozy.

Catch Collection//Cozy is a mini portion, in a tradition with the three that came before it. The aroma of the snus is predominantly the cardamom that we discussed earlier, the cinnamon doesn't really come in until you have the portion in your lip. There are cool, minty undertones that go along with it, which leads me to believe black cardamom was the choice used in this one.

The flavor of this one is very mild, very pleasant. Going into it, I expected it to be a real "Christmas-y" flavored snus, because of it's release at the end of the year, and the name "Cozy" attached to it. I pictured a strong flavor of cinnamon, much like Oden's, but that wasn't the case. As I mentioned before, certain cardamom(s?) flavor comes through with a hint of mint, which I pick up in this one. Not the flavor of mint, but the cool sensation of mint. I can't really describe the flavor of cardamom, having never actually had one, or it's extract, but I can say it's a very intense flavor, and tastes a little like ginger, which was the main thing I could pick out about it. The flavor of cinnamon is very mild in this, it is in the background and almost unmentionable, but it is present. It is slightly salty, but not too terribly overbearing, it provides a very good balance with the other flavors.

Cozy is a great addition to the line, and a great way to end out the year. Of the 4 this year, looking back, I'd have to say Still/Violet was my favorite of the bunch. But this isn't one you should miss out on. The flavor is very unique, like something I haven't tasted in a snus before, and definitely something to add to your collection at the end of the year.