17 October 2009

Offroad Limited Edition 2009 is here! 17 Oct 09.

V2's Offroad Limited Edition 2009 is here! One thing I can say about V2 is they know how to make snus. From their regular line to their limited edition, the guys at V2 KNOW snus. Before my time, but in 2008 they released a limited edition with flavors such as Hot Honey, Wild Strawberry, Brandy Alexander, Eucalyptus and Orange. And we can't forget the great Nordströmmen los line that came out early 2009 with flavors such as Brandy Alexander, Mandarine, Dark Vanilla, and Chocolate Raspberry. This year, V2 is producing a portion line under the Offroad label with some great flavors.

Mango Creme, Moonshine, Mandarine, Choc-Raspberry and Sweet Clove. I have yet to try these, but I can only hope the Chocolate Raspberry is as good as the los version released under the Nordströmmen label this year. These products were test marketed by snus users this year and were approved and highly praised by those years - many of which I consider friends and opinions I trust. I'm sure this line will not dissapoint. The V2 Offroad Limited Edition 2009 line is available at many online retailers. I would get out and order yours today!

Offroad Limited Edition 2009 at BuySnus.com

Offroad Limited Edition 2009 at Northerner.com

Offroad Limited Edition 2009 at SnusCENTRAL.com

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