26 October 2009

ANOTHER Christmas Snus? You bet! 26 Oct 09.

Another Christmas Snus? Okay, okay, hold on. Gotland's Julesnus. Check. V2 Julesnus. Check. Catch Collection//Cozy. Check. Merry Christmas Snus. And....check. Northerner has added yet another product to their preorder page today, titled simply "Merry Christmas." It is a mini portion, and looks like it comes in the same container as Oomph or Northerner Energy. I'm HOPING it is of a better quality, as Oomph is on my naughty list this year. The flavor is listed as Cinnamon, Cardamom, Vanilla and Apple. Sounds pretty good if you ask me! Add it on to your preorder list today! Preorder at Northerner.com.

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