15 September 2009

Skruf Stark (White Portion) - Review. 15 September 2009.

Updated: 16 May 2016. 

When I first got into Swedish Snus, I used nothing but mint snus for about 3 months straight.  In September of 2009, that changed.  When I tried General White Portion and Skruf Stark White Portion, something clicked for me, and I began to enjoy traditional/bergamot flavored snus.  After that, I never looked back, and began using traditional flavored snus full time.  But Skruf Stark White Portion is one of the products that helped me make that transition.  This is the Norwegian Skruf, so it's a different product from Skruf Ecological Stark White Portion, which contains 100% ecological tobacco.

The flavor description of this one says, "Skruf Strong White is a stronger version of the representative Skruf Original White when it contains no more tobacco leaves than its predecessor. Skruf Strong White also has lower humidity allowing snus less runny."  That doesn't say much about it, but just know it's similiar to most Skruf products, just with more nicotine.

When you open the can you'll notice the portions are white, but not too dry.  You can see they do have a little moisture soaking through the pouch.  The aroma that comes through is a gentle, mellow citrus aroma, a little sweetness and a touch of pepper.  For a white portion, the flavor comes on pretty quickly.  The bergamot flavor is pretty mellow and not too bitter.  It's very gentle.  There is also a nice sweetness that comes through from the rose oil in this snus along with a little bit of pepper and a touch of salt in the background.  It's a great tasting snus!  This is a stark portion, so it's going to be stronger than your regular strength snus but not as strong as an extra strong.  You'll notice a little extra nicotine in it, but it's not going to knock you out.  If you're looking for a great tasting traditional flavored snus, this is one to check out!


  1. as an ex smoker I'm looking forward to receiving my first can of skruf stark very soon! the general loose and original portions just don't do it for me the way a good old cigarette did, I've been chain snussing for days now!!!

  2. You'll like this one. Skruf makes a great snus.