11 September 2009

0102 - The New Snus line from Swedish Match

Recently Swedish Match, the company that has a strong product line consisting of General, Ettan, Goteborg's, Grov, and many more great products, set out on a quest to create the "ultimate snus". A quest to "Rethink Snus". They asked people what they wanted, and the answers they received along with some lab work and testing led to a great new product named simply 0102 Snus.

Why the simple name, 01 02? For one - people are tired of brands and logos everywhere. I can agree, in this consumer driven world it seems like it's everywhere you look - a name, a logo, a company, it never ends. After the product was tested, the name was kept simple and the product launches in two different varieties of the winning formula - simple 01 and 02. A simple name for a great new product.

A little about the product. It will come in two varieties. The Original (01) comes in an 8mg portion and Strong (02) comes in a 13mg portion. The product itself will have a "Balanced round and natural tobacco taste with notes of green herbs, oak and cedar with a slight hint of nuts." As you remember from my review of Gotland's Green, one of my favorite things about it was the natural flavor. This is something I believe this product is going to strongly present to the market.

This is a product I believe the snus market needs. Something different, something innovative, something original - and a fresh approach to snus.

What's different about the snus? A few new innovations. One - something never before seen in a Swedish Snus, but something those of you who have tried American Camel have praised it for. A long and thinner bag for a better fit, which is less visible and more comfortable. Also, a new Non-Drip formula which is moist, but doesn't leak. These two combined with a great new flavor are going to guarantee the 0102 line comes to the market with something strong and unique. Something I think every snus user will greatly enjoy.

The line will go on sale in early October. I will be posting advance reviews as soon as I get to try the product. I'm very excited about this line, I think Swedish Match is taking great steps forward to further establish why they are THE name in Swedish Snus.

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