21 August 2009

Offroad Cranberry (Strong) Portion. (Discontinued) 21 Aug 09.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

A few months back I did a comparison "Cranberry Death Match" between Offroad Cranberry and Skruf Cranberry. In the end, Offroad Cranberry came out on top as having the superior product. Now, I'm trying another Offroad product, Offroad Cranberry (strong) Portion.

I have been using Thunder Frosted regularly for a while now. It is my favorite snus as of this writing - my regular go-to snus. I use other products, but nothing as much as Thunder. In my hopes for another strong snus to swap out with from time to time, I've tried Offroad Cranberry (strong) Portion.

The Offroad product comes in a 22.6g weight, the same as Thunder Frosted. The Offroad nicotine content is 12 Mg/portion, and Thunder Frosted is 16 Mg/portion. Regular Offroad Cranberry is 8 Mg/portion, so this is slightly stronger than the original, but not quite as strong as Thunder Frosted. However, it does a great job as being a snus to use in between my regular snus portions.

The flavor is great, just like the original Offroad Cranberry portions. Not tart at all, slightly sweet, and with a great taste of cranberry. I had a portion in for about 15 minutes and started feeling a nice, mellow nic hit to complement the mellow flavor of cranberries. The portions are very comfortable, almost pillowy, something I like about Offroad portions. Very nice material.

So if you're looking for a strong snus with a mellow flavor, and like me don't want to go into the maxi General portions (sorry, bergamot just isn't for me.), I suggest trying this one. It's a great strong portion, has an amazing flavor, a great nicotine content, and a very comfortable material.

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