28 August 2009

Discreet Snus. (Discontinued) 28 Aug 09.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Discreet Snus - The new kid on the block. I'll be honest. When I first saw Discreet snus, I had no desire to try it. At all. The packaging looked cheap, it is an American tobacco product (made by American Smokeless Tobacco - which is a single location business in Virginia), and I just wasn't sure about it. It seemed like a mom and pop snus and was not welcome in my collection.

All that being said, boy was I wrong. The old expression, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" comes in to play heavily when talking about Discreet snus. When I received my five little packages of Discreet, it's true that good things come in small packages. Although....I don't know what they're talking about. No, of course not. Okay, back to the snus. Discreet offers 5 flavors of their regular variety - Full Flavor, Cool Mint, Emerald Ice, Strawberry and Peach.

After reading some positive reviews, I decided to venture over to GetSnus and order some Discreet. A few days later, I had a nice suprise in the mail. In the pictures, you will notice each Discreet package contains 10 snus portions. Each portion is roughly the size of a Swedish mini portion. You can note the size in the picture of the portions. Each individual portion is 0.4 grams and contains 7mg of Nicotine, and is made of a very comfortable material. What's cool about Discreet is the packages (although I did believe them to look cheap/tacky) are small enough to fit in your pocket/wallet (to replace that 10 year old condom you have in there) and are a good backup in case you run out of your favorite regular, or just as an extra surprise to keep with you for a nice after dinner treat.

Now, on to the product itself.

Upon opening each bag, you will notice a very unique smell with each portion. Like most people will tell newbies, "Don't smell the snus!", in the case of those new to Swedish Snus, but in this case, you want to smell it. Each one has a unique, interesting smell.

Full Flavor - This is the only one of the batch that I couldn't get into. It had an interesting smell, not bad, but very unique. The portion was very comfortable, but the taste - average. I suppose if you want a good, non flavored tobacco product - and you can't get into Swedish Snus varities such as Ettan, Grov, etc - this may be to your liking. The taste is mild, and simple.

Emerald Ice - Upon smelling and tasting, I picked up hints of Wintergreen and Spearment. Usually, I don't go for Wintergreen snus. But this product is an exception. It's actually very good. What hints of Wintergreen I did pick up were subdued, and balanced perfectly with the hints of Spearment next to the pure flavor of the tobacco.

Cool Mint - A very good product. Fresh and minty. Not overly sweet like General Mini Mint, or the other American snus varities of mint such as Klondike and Nordic Ice, this mint is very tasty and refreshing.

Strawberry - This is when Discreet really shines. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with quite an amazing smell. Fresh, pure strawberry. Putting in the portion was even more of a suprise. This is a great snus. Tastes kind of like the old Fruit by the Foot rolls. A very clear taste of strawberries with a very mild hint of tobacco mixed in.

Peach - My favorite of the 5. Wow, this is amazing. Smelling this takes me back to the old days at Round Mountain Peach Orchard here in Arkansas. The smell of peach is strong, pure, and beautiful. The portion tastes like Peachtree, to be honest. It's VERY good. I got these last night, and I have a bunch left of the others, but I'm all out of this one. I've gone through an entire bag in little over a day! But it's okay, at only 0.99$ each, I have already ordered more. Peach was my favorite of the whole bunch.

My reflections? Discreet Snus is more than meets the eye. They did a great job, in the midst of American Snus and it's terrible reputation, to bring something new to the market that is simple, pure, and flavorful. Comfortable portions, easy to transport (fits right in your wallet), and affordable. The Full Flavor didn't exactly tickle my fancy, but the Strawberry and Peach were right up my alley, along with a flavorful Emerald Ice and Cool Mint, this first round of Discreet Snus is A+ in my book. I recommend it to both vets and those new to snus. It is sitting in my stock proudly next to Ettan, Thunder Frosted, and various other regular snus products. Although not "Swedish", I wouldn't bat an eye when trying to pick a snus to use, this would be right up there in my first picks. Great job, American Smokeless.


  1. Are the bags re-sealable?

  2. Just opened my first Pack of Strawberry and the portions are pretty small but packed to almost bursting.. not just Snus but with Flavor. 1hr45 Double barreled mins later still have flavor. Could be abit more moist or maybe I got a bad/old bag (no Date?) they were as dry as camel snus thats had the tins been sittin open for a few weeks

  3. I dunno how old this stuff is but the company that makes them went out of business a while back and sold all their machinery. They "might" be out of date, I dunno.

  4. I just bought this product at a local Tobacco connection. It is pretty decent.
    And yes the bags are resealable zip-locks.