10 June 2009

Nordströmmen's Chocolate Raspberry Los. (Limited Edition) 10 June 09.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

As you all know, I have a deep love for flavored snus. Sometimes, I do venture over to Ettan, to get my non-flavored fix. But usually it's all flavored for me. So when I put in my first order, it was quite natural that I went towards Nordströmmen's latest offering. If you haven't ordered any yet, act quickly! As it's going to stop selling soon. (SnusCENTRAL.com actually has a roll half priced, around 14 bucks with all these great flavors).

As I've been furthering my quest into snus, I tried nasal snuff last week, which I have been enjoying greatly, lately. But I figured it was time for something new. Los snus.

I have been looking at los snus as "hillbilly" snus. Because I associate it with Skoal or Cope, or the like here in America. Living in Arkansas, I can't tell you how many people I've rode with who have that familiar Mountain Dew bottle in the console with that murky brown mixture. But I said, "No! I'm doing the los!" So I put in my order for 3 cans and a prismaster and have been anxiously awaiting.

Today, that all too familiar brown bag showed up with "Swedish Snus" on the customs label. Great! Can't tell you how excited I am. First I decided to try the Chocolate Raspeberry. I opened up the can and found a great, strong smell of chocolate with a subtle hint of berry. Having never seen snus outside of a portion, it was interesting to see. It looks like fine little "snus pellets". I took a pinch out just to try the handbaking thing first.


Not going to try that one for a while. I suck at it. I pulled out the tiny pris master (and I say tiny because I looked at the pic and it looked huge, I was suprised when I got it, it's about the size of my pinky) First attempt - I put it in, and made a little pris, and put it out into my palm and it immediately fell apart. Lame. I tried it again, this time packing the snus tight into it. I pushed it out into my hand and it was in fact very tight. I tried to put that into my mouth and it begin to fall apart and I forgot that you're supposed to put the tool into your lip and dispense from the tool to the gum. So on try number 3, I made it happen.

Now, I will say this. I laughed a bit. I had this huge lump in my lip, I went to the bathroom and saw it in the mirror and instantly invisioned myself with a mullet rockin' out to Achy Breaky Heart. Hillbillytastic! Not so much. This flavor is very unique. It hit me IMMEDIATELY and I could tell the flavor and style of this was uniquely Swedish. A rush of chocolate with berry playing very strongly in the background but not overpowering the chocolate. And boy! It was strong, definately beating out most minis and white portions I've tried, although not as strong as my trusty thunder frosted. The portion didn't slide, or run, it stayed up there in my lip as a nice big ol' lump. The flavor stayed strong throughout the whole time. It was weird to not smell any hint of Swedish in the can, or taste any salt at all until the very end when I picked up a slight hint of salt.

This is a sweet snus. Not sweet like Camel's Frost CandySnus, but sweet in this is a great dessert snus, I can picture putting this in after a meal and sitting on the couch in my red robe and watching Frasier. This los snus is not a hillbilly product. It is a strong, rich, unique, and very flavorful product that I very much enjoyed. Los=win!

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