Catch Collection Chill//Mint Vanilla. (Limited Edition) 9 May 09.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

First of all, before you try this one, it's GREAT with a Vanilla Coke. (which I coincidentally had in my fridge when this one showed up on my door today). This is the first of four to be released in a collection. What I noticed from this one is the mint comes out first, and it's extremely smooth. The vanilla stays in the background, but pairs perfectly with the mint. This snus has an amazingly smooth taste overall, it's great. A slightly sweet aftertaste, no trace of salt. Looking back on the transition from American to Swedish, this would have even made a great first snus. I like this one more than the General Mini Mint. It's too bad it's limited edition. I'd advise anyone who reads this to buy a roll before it stops production at the end of the month. All in all, an excellent snus. Too bad they won't be keeping this around, because it sure would sell. Hopefully it will return.