08 May 2009

The beginning of my snus journey, and a little about me.

Well, here I am.  My name's Chad.  I felt like expanding my little snus opinions out into the blog world.  I feel the more info that gets out there about Swedish Snus is going to help people in the transition, or coming into the world a-new.
I'm brand new to snus.  I quit smoking about 4 weeks ago with the help of Camel "SNUS" (I'll explain why it's in quotations later).  I didn't know a thing about snus until I saw a display that said "Sold Cold" at the gas station that is next to the Domino's store that I manage.  I looked at it and they were testing out something called Camel "SNUS" so I was like, "eh, what the hell, I'll try it."  I started using it while I was smoking, and to my suprise it actually started curving my cravings for cigarettes until eventually I didn't want to even smoke at all anymore.
The problem arose when I realized, "Hey, there's only 2 flavors - Mellow and Frost.  I wonder if anyone else makes snus?"  So I went online and typed in "snus" and Marlboro came up and Skoal and several websites about Swedish Snus.  Back to my story, I started reading around and found out about Swedish Snus, and that there are two words to snus.  Swedish Snus and American Snus.  Swedish Snus I will tell you without going into too much detail is far superiod.  Once you've tried Camel "SNUS" and REAL Swedish snus, there's NO going back.  It's like night and day.  Snus is a moist tobacco that goes under the lip and comes in portions (original "loose" or portioned).  I myself prefer portioned.  But to each their own.  The pouch goes under the lip and can be used for anywhere from 30 minutes - an hour or more.  I won't go too much into the production, but it is alot better than the way American's do tobacco.  http://www.swedish-snus.com/ has a great info page on their main page about snus, it's production, and the health factors.  It comes moist or dry, however both taste great.  Other than the Camel stuff, which is like comparing fast food to an expensive restaraunt.  It's just amazing.
So as I read more about Swedish Snus and decided I wanted to try it myself.  I went online, and without reading other reviews or suggestions I just bought a White Portion try-and-buy kit from Swedish Match.  I got it, and opened them all up one by one and expected a sweet smell like what I had with Camel "SNUS".  And the smell grabbed my nose and smacked my brain.  It was INTENSE.  I put it in the freezer, and went out and bought more Camel "SNUS".  However, after reading more reviews and forum posts on SnusCENTRAL, I found a helpful piece of information.  "STOP SMELLING THE SNUS!"  And after I read that, I learned about other snus's that would make better transitions for "snubies", as we are called when we are new to snus.  So I went and bought a few products to try them out.  I received several and should have reviewed them as I went, but I just made notes as time went by.  I'm going to post my first three reviews after this blog post, and then I'll be reviewing them individually as I receive them.  I hope people will find my blog informative, as I know the transition from Camel "SNUS" to Swedish Snus is confusing, but I promise you it is WELL worth it.  Welcome to a brand new world.

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