Lyft/Lab Edition 3: Forces of Nature (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 5 February 2021.

Today, I'm excited to talk about the latest limited edition release in the Lyft/Lab series by Fiedler & Lundgren/BAT - Forces of Nature!  If you missed my reviews on Lyft/Lab Edition 1, or Lyft/Lab Edition 2 "Kissed by Fire", you can check those out.  For this release, their description says, "Inspired by some of nature's finest plants, we’ve created three new flavours which balance the sweet, the refined and the intense."  As you can see from the packaging, it comes in a pretty cool wooden cylinder.  They say "To awaken a sense of awe for all that nature has to offer, the three flavours from Collection_03 are presented in an exclusively designed cylinder, carved and crafted in wood, inspired by nature herself."

To get the cans out, you pop off the top, and the three cans lie within the cylinder.  The first two came out kind of easily, but the third one took a little shaking to get out!

Once you get the cans out, you'll notice they are a little green looking in nature.  This is, as they call it, their new "Green_Can".  Their description says"Right now, we’re testing a more sustainable version of the LYFT/LAB can, the Green_Can. It’s produced locally in Sweden in collaboration with the pioneers at Trifilon.  By introducing cellulose fibres from PEFC certified wood to the mix, the new can contains 33 % less plastic than the original LYFT can."

For this review, I bought the regular strength version, but they also make it in strong.  Each can weighs 16.8g and has 24 portions, for 0.7g portions.  The nicotine content is listed as 6mg, which I'm assuming is per portion.  Now, on to the reviews!

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_01 (Bergamot)

Flavor Description:  "Inspired by Earl Grey, vibrant, floral and fresh. This flavour is tingly and bitter, yet mild and aromatic. Here to serve you the refined taste of black tea and bergamot citrus, neatly balanced with a sweet finish."

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_01 (Bergamot)

Review:  When you open the can, you'll notice a tea-like presence, along with a smell of sour bergamot, and a light chocolate touch in the background.  The portion is slim, with a soft portion material, and is pretty comfortable under the lip.  In terms of flavor, it's a lightly sweet, floral taste, along with a tart citrus taste, an herbal/tea like flavor, and a hint of chocolate.  In terms of strength, it feels about regular, and the flavor lasts about 40-45 minutes on average.

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_02 (Latte)

Flavor Description:  "Inspired by Macchiato, creamy, soft and rounded. This flavour is lush and buttery on one side, roasted and distinct on the other. Here to give you a velvety latte sensation with a dash of hazelnut."

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_02 (Latte)

Review:  When you open the can, a mild, buttery, creamy aroma of coffee comes through, along with a light nutty character.  The portions are slim, soft, and have a comfortable portion material.  The flavor is a pretty smooth, creamy, buttery, lightly sweet flavor.  There's mild notes of black coffee, along with a nutty character.  The strength feels about regular, and the flavor lasts about 40-45 minutes on average!

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_03 (Espresso)

Flavor Description:  "Inspired by Espresso, dark, bitter and sharp. This flavour hits all the thrills of a steaming cup of espresso. Here to give you a powerful, vibrant and roasted experience."

Lyft/Lab Ed 03_03 (Espresso)

Review:  I was surprised when I opened this one because I didn't expect there to be two coffee flavored products in the same limited edition.  But, this one has a different flavor than the other one.  I like the other one better, however.  When you open the can, you'll notice a dark, black coffee smell with a slight bitterness.  The portions are soft, comfortable and slim fit under the lip.  The flavor is a rich, dark, black coffee taste.  It's present, and slightly bitter in nature.  The nicotine strength feels about the regular strength mark, and the flavor lasts about 40-45 minutes on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

In terms of these products, I'll go top to bottom.  For #2 Latte I gave it a 3.67/5.  For #1 Bergamot I gave it a 3.5/5.  And for #3 Espresso I gave it a 3.33/5.  The latte one is probably the best coffee flavored nicotine pouch I've had yet.  The bergamot one was good, but would have been better without the chocolate taste.  The espresso one was a bit too dark for my taste.  If they bring one back, I would hope it's the latte one, and hopefully it replaces Lyft Blonde Roast, because it's much better than that one!