12 June 2020

Meet Lyft/Lab - Preview. 12 June 2020.

Fiedler and Lundgren is taking a page from Swedish Match and launching their own "Lab Series", titled Lyft/Lab. It looks to be a test of three different flavors, each coming in regular strength and strong.  Each one sounds extremely interesting, to be honest.  Especially the cucumber one.  But more on that shortly!

This is how Fiedler and Lundgren describes this series:  "A collection that provides a unique taste experience with the perfect blend of sweet, bitter and savoury flavours.  LYFT/ LAB is an exclusive limited edition concept driven by innovation and collaboration.  By providing your thoughts and feedback on our products, you directly influence our future collections.  We’re not just about products that deliver brilliant flavour experiences.  We’re about finding new ways to break through culture and trends.  This is a place where you can share your ideas.  Where we can collaborate and explore together.  Where we can create something that’s exclusive and exciting.  Something that can fuel cultural stimulation."

It also comes in a special, limited edition packaging!  Their description:  "Luxury is all about originality, exclusiveness, and something being just perfect for a particular moment. And you should be aware that you will always receive something special when it arrives in beautifully designed packaging.  Celebrating the launch of LYFT/LAB, your first order will arrive in an exclusive presentation box. Elegantly understated, this packaging has been exclusively designed to embody continuous inspiration, with a gleaming foil panel that reflects the light and colour used by our collaborative artist, Josefin Eklund."  Now, let's talk about the flavors!

Lyft/Lab: EDT 01_01

"A sweet, tart pineapple with a creamy coconut and a nutty undertone. Try this smooth new tropical blend for a velvety taste experience."

Available in regular strength and strong.

Lyft/Lab: EDT 01_02

"A delicately bitter almond with notes of cherry and tangy lemon – a beautifully balanced flavour sensation."

Available in regular strength and strong.

Lyft/Lab: EDT 01_03

"Combines three distinctive flavours in a refreshingly spicy blend; cool cucumber, the prickle of crushed peppercorns and just a hint of juniper."

Available in regular strength and strong.

So, where can you get these? I see them available on the Lyft website, but only in Sweden. It looks like this is yet another release folks in the US won't be able to get ahold of.

I'll work on getting some for review!

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