03 May 2017

New Knox Slim Products - Preview. 3 May 2017.

Skruf is releasing some new products in the Knox line, and they aren't just new, they are the first slim products ever released in the Knox line! I've reviewed the Knox products made by Skruf in the past and I've discovered that a lot of people seem to enjoy them. Skruf describe Knox by saying "Knox is the right snus for a fair amount of money. The snus has all the benefits of a premium snus - 24 full portions, classic snus flavor and balanced moisture - but at a lower price. Knox fits cost-conscious snusers who do not want to compromise on the quality".  They are launching a slim white in the original flavor and a slim white in the blue (juniper) flavor.  I'm not sure when these products will be launched at other stores, or those that ship to the US, but hopefully it will be soon!

Knox X: Blue Slim White

Flavor Description (from SnusBolaget): "Knox Slim Blue White is a slim-sized snus with slimmer portions for a better fit under the lip. Slim, white portions with clear tobacco flavor and elements of lavender and citrus."

Knox X: Original Slim White 

Flavor Description (from SnusBolaget): "Knox Slim Original White is a snus with a timeless tobacco flavor in a modern slim format. Slim portions are narrower than usual portions to provide a more comfortable and discreet fit under your lip. Knox Slim Original White is a classic white snus in slim portions. Traditional tobacco flavor."

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