13 January 2017

What flavor of Epok do you want released? Update: 16 January 2017.

16 January 2017 Update:  After running the poll, 13 options clearly came to the top as the most suggested flavors people would like to see released. A total of 80 flavors were suggested, but 13 flavors were clearly the most suggested flavors.  You can go to this poll to cast your vote for which flavor you would like to see them release next!

Cast your vote here in the results poll/final poll for which flavor you would like to see released!

13 January 2017:  The Epok brand is growing in popularity, and they are looking to expand their product line! I spoke with the folks at Winnington Tobacco today and they're interested in hearing what you, the consumer, want to see! They asked me to speak to the snus community and find out what type of flavor you would like to see developed and released in the Epok White Tobacco Snus line. Please go check out our survey at SurveyPlanet.com and send in your suggestion for what flavor you would like to see released next!

I know the snus community is quite creative, and there are a lot of flavors that don't exist in the snus world.  I am very interested to see some of your responses!  Do you want a clove vanilla snus?  How about a black cherry cola snus?  Or even a cheese and bacon snus?  Lets see how creative you can be. Your suggestions don't have to be too crazy, though.  If you want something simple like a vanilla flavored Epok - send that suggestion in!  After we get a good amount of responses I'll send them the results!

Click here to go to SurveyPlanet.com and send in your suggestion for what flavor of Epok you would like to see created and released next!


  1. I Would really appriciate just a normal original flavor.. i really like the feel and the form Factor og epok but i miss the original flavor

  2. I would ask that they release a Copenhagen LC original or Southern Blend flavor. This sounds kind of ridiculous but for real, we need an American snuff-flavored snus. It would be the Scandinavians copying the Americans copying the Scandinavians. Trippy.