01 June 2016

Gotland's Sommar Snus (Summer Snus) 2016 Edition - Review. 1 June 2016.

This product was renamed in 2017 to Jakobsson's Hallon and Jordgubb!  Check out our updated review - here.

I originally reviewed Gotland's Sommar Snus back in 2012. The flavor launched in 2012 was the flavor they kept every summer until last year. However, this year, for 2016, there is a new flavor profile. Gotlandssnus describes it as having "a light tobacco flavor with hints of raspberries and strawberries, and herbs." The original flavor profile was smultron, a wild Swedish strawberry. This year, I've noticed it still has that strawberry taste, but it's a little bit different!  The can design is virtually identical to the can design form the past, except it says "NYHET!  NY SMAK", which basically "new taste".

When you open the can you'll notice the portions are original portions, but they're not overly moist. The aroma is a fruity, natural berry smell. It's not too sweet, however, so it doesn't smell candy-like. The nicotine content is regular strength, and delivers in a nice, mild way. The flavor is where this snus shines. Whereas the old one was more focused on strawberry, this one seems to follow through with that flavor description. I will say that I notice more raspberry in the taste than strawberry. The strawberry is more mild and in the background with the raspberry up front. Both flavors come through in a very gentle, natural way. It's quite fruity, but not too sweet at all.  If you're looking for a new taste for the summer, this is a great one to try out!  If you enjoy it, make sure and stock up, because once it's gone - it's gone until next summer!


  1. How does this compare taste wise with last year's offering? I just put in an order to Snus Direct for this.

  2. Its probably a good snus for your girlfriend, if you buy into traditional genders and such. A tad too sweet for me, almost like candy. Its a decent product though. Flavor seems to last about an hour.