09 November 2015

Christmas Snus Update - 9 November 2015.

This year, V2 Tobacco will be discontinuing their traditional Christmas flavored snus, Offroad Julesnus, which came in portion and loose. Last year, they launched Thunder Frosted Christmas and this year they launched Thunder "I Snow You Love Me" Gingerbread.  I imagine it would be overkill to have too many Christmas snus flavors on the market, but Offroad Julesnus will be missed.

This will put an end to the debate over which is better - V2's Julesnus or Gotlandssnus Julesnus.  I enjoyed both, and always looked forward to Christmas each year and buying some of each.

This isn't really news, but in case you missed it last year, Gotlandssnus will only be releasing their Julesnus in the portion format.  2014 was the last year Gotlandssnus Julesnus was available in the los format.  With Offroad Julesnus being discontinued this year, we will no longer be able to get a Julesnus in the los format.

Thunder "I Snow You Love Me" Gingerbread, Thunder Frosted Christmas and Gotlandssnus Julesnus are all popping up in the online stores for sale for the holidays, so keep an eye out.  Remember, these are seasonal releases, so once they're gone, they're gone!  Well, until next year, that is.


  1. Chad, based on this review, the late date & zero rumors on the grapevine, am I safe in assuming no Kardus this year? Thanks.

    1. I haven't heard any rumors about it, honestly.

  2. I just ordered the big can of "I Snow You Love Me". I expect big things based on your recommendation, Chad! So far, V2's flavored snusses have left me underwhelmed.