08 October 2015

Thunder Christmas Snus (2015) Preview. 8 October 2015.

It's coming up on my favorite time of year - Christmas!  And V2 Tobacco is already gearing up to release their seasonal products!  Last year, they released Thunder Frosted Christmas in addition to their usual Offroad Julesnus, and this year, it looks like yet another Christmas snus is coming from V2!

Thunder Frosted Christmas 2015
Flavor:  Frosted with Christmas Spices

I reviewed this one last year and really enjoyed it. If you missed that review, you can check it out here.
Thunder "I Snow You Love Me" 2015
Flavor:  Frosted with Christmas Spices

I love gingerbread, so I absolutely cannot wait to try this one.  I have some cans on the way now, so I'll be posting a review oce it's up!

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