09 October 2015

Four New Oden's/GN Tobacco Products! 9 October 2015.

GN Tobacco has released 4 new products via new listing at Snus24.com - these products are available now for anyone who wants to try them! We currently have some on the way of each so reviews will be posted as soon as we receive the new products!
Oden's Pure Wintergreen (Extreme White Dry)

I reviewed Oden's Extreme Pure Wintergreen a while back. I'm not a big fan of wintergreen, and this one had a straight up wintergreen flavor. I assume the White Dry will have a similar taste. Lovers of wintergreen may enjoy this one, as the only strong wintergreen white portion product currently available is Thunder Wintergreen White Portion.
Oden's Melon (Extreme)

The melon flavor seems to be growing in popularity. Gotlandssnus has one, Thunder has one, and GN Tobacco previously released Olde Ving Melon.  Now, it seems they are adding a strong portion version of their melon flavor. I assume the taste will be very close to the Olde Ving version.
Oden's Double Mint (White Dry)

In the past I reviewed Oden's DoubleMint Extreme White Dry and Oden's Extreme DoubleMint Original Portion. For those who aren't lovers of strong portions, it seems that GNT has released a regular strength/white dry version of the flavor. I imagine the taste will be much like the others, only with less nicotine.
Oden's Cold Extreme (White)

GN Tobacco is expanding their Cold line, as well. This one is interesting. In the past I reviewed Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry, Oden's Cold Stark White Dry and Oden's Cold (Power) White Dry.  The only thing I can imagine for this one is that it will be a standard white portion and not a white dry portion.  So, this product will presumably have more moisture than a white dry portion.

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