02 September 2015

New Swedish Match Product - Mustang Snus. 2 September 2015.

Check out our product reviews for Mustang here - Mustang Los, Mustang Original Portion and Mustang White Portion!

Via some new product listing at Northerner.com, it appears that Swedish Match is launching a new product range called "Mustang". It comes in original portion, white portion and loose. It appears to be a value priced snus, as the price is only 2.60$ for original, 2.75$ for white and 3.33$ for loose.

The product description at Snus2 says, "Mustang has a dark, nice and spicy flavor with hints out dried fruit and citrus and a bit of licorice and plums.  It is also slightly stronger with 12 mg / g nicotine."

More product photos:


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Chad! For what it's worth, a couple of Swedish sites have descriptions of the flavor. Snus2 mentions hints of dried fruits, citrus, licorice and plums (and indicates that the products are 1.2% nicotine). Nettotobak gives some different descriptions: rose hips rather than plum for the loose; the addition of coffee and vanilla (without licorice or plums) for the original portion; and bergamot, tea and white flowers for the white. Nettotobak also indicates that the products are higher strength.

    1. http://snus.swedishmatch.com/en/Products/Mustang/

      just tried original portion, think its similar to General,maybe i find a hint of coffe and some fruit, but for me as a regular snuser for over 40 years!! it taste like snus should taste!