16 September 2014

Gotlandssnus Hostsnus Review. (Seasonal Snus) 16 September 2014.

NOTE:  In 2017, this product was replaced with Jakobsson's Äpple and Skogsbär.  Check out our updated review, here!  

This is one I've been extremely excited about since I first heard about it. I picked some up in a recent order from The Northerner, and have been waiting not so patiently for this to arrive. Gotlandssnus has really been embracing the holidays/seasons lately. We already had Julesnus to look forward to for the holiday season, starting in 2012 we begin to have Summer Snus (Smultron), and this year they added Pasksnus for Easter. Now, we have Hostsnus for Fall.  So now we have Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Christmas covered.  There isn't really a Wintersnus, but I assume Julesnus covers that season.  The flavor description is very simple, "a taste of apple and hints of dark berries."  That description alone was enough to sell me on a roll right off the bat without even trying it - and it's VERY rare that I'll buy a roll of anything without at least trying a can first.  But I've never tried a snus from Gotlandssnus/Jakobsson's that I didn't like - and they're one of very few manufacturers I can say that about.

When you open a can of Hostsnus, the aroma that comes out is an apple aroma with a slightly sweet and airy smell wrapped around it. The taste is absolutely beautiful. The flavors of apple and pear are very present in the front, and there's a slight hint of something that tastes like a very muted strawberry in the back. I'm not sure what berry it is, but it's like a not so sweet and muted strawberry. All these tastes blend very well together for the presence of the fall season. I look forward to pairing this with a good fall flavored beer.

This snus is great and easily my favorite of any seasonal snus Gotlandssnus has released yet.  I love the taste of apple in snus, but it never seems to be in a format that I can enjoy long term.  This is limited a limited snus, so it'll be gone soon. The Oden's version is an Extreme Apple, and I try not to use too many strong portions regularly. There's one from Offroad but it's a mini, and then there's a Thunder Limited one, but again, I try not to use too many strong portions.  So it looks like this is one I'll definitely be stocking up on, because I could easily fall in love with this snus.

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