06 October 2009

Offroad Mint White Mini - Review. 6 October 09.

In addition to the Offroad Eucalyptus Mini and Offroad Lakrits Mini we reviewed recently, V2 has added another White Mini to their product lineup - Offroad Mint White Mini. The product description describes it as, "Mint flavored portion snus, comes in white mini portion and is very discreet when being used."

Opening the can you will see Offroad White Mini Mint is, of course, a white mini portion. The nicotine content is 4 mg/portion. The portion is similar to General's Mini Mint, they are a little dry, so pre-wetting helps.The aroma of mint with subtle hints of chocolate will immediately capture your senses. The smell is reminiscent of Andes Mints, which is a good thing for me, because it happens to be one of my favorite chocolates. Immediately after putting in the portion, I felt a light tingle and the flavor of mint was bursting from the portion. Shortly after, a mild flavor of chocolate came along, and began to mingle with the mint, and melded into a beautiful combination of mint and chocolate and tasted just like the smell that I mentioned, Andes Mints.

So a great addition to V2's lineup. Offroad White Mini Mint is a great tasting mini with a fresh aroma and a unique and long-lasting flavor. And the perfect addition to any man or woman's snus collection.

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