11 November 2014

Goodbye, Nord66. 11 November 2014.

The Nord 66 brand was one that generated a lot of buzz when it was introduced. It was all over social networking websites such as Instagram, and people raved about it. In early 2013, we reviewed Nordic Breeze, Strong White and X-Strong Portion and later that summer we reviewed Southern Storm. Early this year, they introduced Cold Blast, as well. Now, it looks like a few products from the Nord 66 brand may be going away. The SnusCENTRAL.com e-store published today, "There was no official announcement from Skruf; I even checked my junk mail folder. For the last six months reorder requests for nord66° products have gone unanswered and unfilled. From an original line of 6 snuses, the SnusCentral.com Snus Store is down to only nord66 Nordic Breeze Strong Portion Snus. When we run out of Nordic Breeze or the expirations dates approach, that will apparently be the end of the nord66° brand."

I noticed on the Skruf Store website, Nord 66 Nordic Breeze is still listed as well as on various web stores.

To get more information, I spoke with Skruf this morning and they confirmed it the discontinuing of the products in the Nord 66 product line.  Southern Storm, Strong White and X-Strong were delisted in May and September of this year and Cold Blast was delisted in November of this year.    The brand will continue but only with the Nordic Breeze product.

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